Search by surname, first name or initials, notes, year or a combination, i.e. Alexander 1914.

UNB Class Composite and Group Photographs is a digital collection of University of New Brunswick Archives & Special Collections’ extensive collection of class and group photographs, covering the period 1873-1975. The collection features:

  • Class, encaenia, and composite photos
  • Group photos of clubs and societies
  • Selected portraits and single photos from other UNB Archives' photo collections

Student accomplishments / awards are noted wherever possible (medal recipients, major scholarship winners, Valedictorians, class executive positions, etc). If known, the fullest form of an individual's name was entered into the database. Searching by surname, first name or initials, notes, year or a combination of values is possible, i.e. Alexander 1914.

Looking for UNB sports / team photographs? Go to: Researchers are also encouraged to consult UNB Archives’ yearbook collection for individual and group photos from UNB’s history.

Please contact for information regarding the use of images found in this database.