1931 Hockey (Men) Sports Photo

1931 Hockey (Men) Sports Photo
Top row (left to right): Winston C. Scott (Manager), D. Pickard (Left Defence), Gordon Y. Dow (Goal), Ralph R. Goodine (Right Defence), T.H. Coffey (Coach)
Middle row (left to right): G.Donald S. Ellis (Left Wing), Percy W. Minue (Capt. Centre), Henri P. Clavette (Right Wing)
Bottom row (left to right): M.G. Watson (Left Wing), Herbert N. Goodspeed (Centre), A.G. Fradsham (Goal), Robert H. Chalmers (Left Defence), Vernon F. Daughney (Right Wing)
Series of individual photos of players in full gear, including skates and hockey sticks, arranged on matte. Identification includes name of player's position.
PE 157
b&w: 22" x 28"
Conservation: matte and photos dirty and badly stained. Several individual photos are scratched and damaged
Matted: 22" x 28"